Pocatello/Gold Bug

I can honestly say I’ve had one of the most amazing weekends I’ve had in quite some time.
It started w/ a trip to Pocatello, Idaho to visit some wonderful friends. While I was there one of them was in labor and part of our trip was spent in the hospital waiting for their first son’s arrival. The little buggar decided to not make his appearance until the day after I had left, but I was really hoping to get to meet him before I left for Alaska.
For anyone like myself that’s not spent any time in them since their own birth – Labor & Delivery departments of a hospital are a very unique and amazing experience in themselves. A woman came in screaming in pain, then after an hour or so there was a new life there that had not been there before, and he was most certainly doing some crying of his own.
After leaving Pocatello I decided to take the longer but more scenic route home.
As I was driving I thought I was close to a new adventure I’ve always wanted to partake in. After some quick research on my phone (seriously, this is why I cussing love smart phones) I decided if I could find the trailhead, it HAD to happen. So after some deductive reasoning I found myself on private property, but at the trailhead for Gold Bug hot springs.

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