Hemlock Lake

Another one bit the dust today. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do once I finish the Seeley-Swan Day Hikes book, but it’s my last hiking book in the area. Suggestions? After today I’ve only got 5 hikes left in the book. I’ve also been working on this one for quite some time & will have to do something special to finish it off, although I don’t see that happening this hiking season. 
Anywho, this morning my friend Bret & I took off for Hemlock Lake in the Mission Mountains. It’s a moderate hike of 6.4 miles round trip to a small alpine lake nestles in the mountains. The trail takes you through an intense lightning caused burn area from 2003 providing a spectacular view of the Swan Mountain Range on the opposite end of the valley.
It’s most certainly turning fall quickly in Montana and we caught the forest during a beautiful transition. 
There was even a little snow near the lake. New snow that appeared w/in the last week, not old snow still waiting to melt.

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