Star Light, Star Bright

Every August, in the Northern Hemisphere, a grand show lights up the sky at night known as the Perseid meteor shower. During it’s peak, one can easily see 50 shooting stars an hour. All you need to do to see this spectacle is find yourself somewhere away from city lights and simply look up. No special equipment is required.
This is one of my favorite times of summer and although I did not get to enjoy what was considered the peak night to view the heavens, I was darn close. I found myself again at the top of Blue Mountain with a great friend, on my back on a blanket in a field, staring at the stars. 
For the record, that’s the moon behind us, not the sun. What a night for star gazing! We averaged about 30 an hour. Falling stars or not, if you find yourself sans city lights, look up and think about floating through space. Carl Sagan would be proud.

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