My younger cousin Sam & a pair of her friends decided that they wanted to take a road trip across the country. Having no particular route in mind, Sam suggested they come see me & spend a few days in Montana. I was of course delighted by this idea since it’s not very often that I get visitors from back east.

So off they went on an epic journey sleeping in tents & visiting historic places such as the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, & the like. When they finally reached Missoula, it was my turn to play tour guide & show them some sights of the place I now call home.

Hot springs & naked hippies were involved, as were hiking shoes, bison, big lakes & bigger waterfalls, Idaho, mountain passes, farmer’s markets, tax free shopping, Big Dipper ice cream, new foods, coyotes, & a lot more.

Sadly, this will also be the last adventure for Mi Baja for a little while as she is currently broken. I seem to be good at breaking things as of late…

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