Flying With Andrew

I’m pretty sure I’ve been bugging my good friend Andrew to take me flying with him since before he even had his pilots license. I had just sat down to start a project for school that I’d been putting off all week when I get a phone call. “Look outside. It’s a beautiful day. Let’s go flying. Can you meet me at the hanger in forty minutes?”  I’m pretty sure I had my books already back on the bookshelf before I even hung up the phone.

We flew in a small Cesna something. I’m pretty sure Andrew would not be proud of me b/c I honestly can’t remember the name of the plane right now. But the sky was crystal clear as we made our way from the Missoula airport towards Flathead Lake along the Mission Mountains. I could even see an outline of Glacier National Park from the air!

We did take a quick detour so that I could see my favorite peak to hike from the air. Above Squaw Peak!

Can you see the terror in my face when he let me “take a turn.”

We landed at the Polson airport, took a quick pit stop to let my stomach settle (yes, even in an awesome moment like this my stomach decides motion sickness is a good idea) then headed back to Missoula as the sun set.

Thanks again for a great day Andrew!!

ps. I still made it home in time to complete my paper before the midnight deadline Mom! 😉

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Andrew can pick me up at the West Yellowstone airstrip, fly me over Yellowstone and drop me off again
    in August!

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