3,000 Miles

When your love has gone
You carry on
This is her song
This the song for no one

(an excerpt from a log of my travels)

While I may not be what I would consider happy while on this trip, I am happy to have done it.
I am 3,000 miles into a trip to the depths of my very soul.

One of the [most important] things I’ve learned is that if you’re not truly lost in life, you don’t find yourself, you make yourself (thanks for the insight Bare). I’m over the “who am I” part of my life. I learned who I was deep down not long after moving to Montana. I was happy w/ my life, but sometimes life gives you a good ole fashion kick in the guts. And sometimes it decides to kick you about 6 or 7 times all at once. While I may never know the answer to the great question “why?”, there are some things I do know [now].
I do know that w/out this journey I may of never had the chance to go on a road trip w/ my momma, reached out to family I hadn’t seen in years, spent a night out in the woods by myself, watched the sun rise over the city of Pittsburgh, met so many new people already (like Ben, Cory, & Brittany thanks to a chance encounter w/ a possibly ruffied Blow Pop), reconnected w/ old friends (like Karina, Gerald, & Boss), begun training for a 5k, a 10k, and an adventure race (& have lost 16 lbs already, woot!), started the 365 project, or jumped out of a plane.
Since the jump out of the plane was perfectly executed I live on to see the next part of this adventure; trips to DC & NYC to visit more friends, dance classes (who ever thought that I would take dance classes?!), and the planning and execution of a 20 state tour w/ Adam to see many new friends & places before finally recovering Britta & returning us all to the one place we can always call home, Missoula, Montana.

See you @ 6,000 miles…

p.s. call your mother in LA, she hasn’t heard your voice in years…

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