Sleeping Woman Trail to Cha-paa-gn

I’ve been feeling a little stressed lately over some things and decided the best remedy was to get outside & go for a hike. I put up a distress call on facebook asking for anyone who wanted to conquer Squaw Peak (aka Cha-paa-gn)  via the Sleeping Woman Trail to give me a shout. My friend Britta came through for me & we decided to take off on our first day off together. 

The weather was perfect when we woke up. Cool & clear skies. You couldn’t ask for anything better to summit a peak. We took off, climbing up forest service roads in mi baja to reach the simple trailhead at the end of one of the roads. 

The Sleeping Woman Trail is the most difficult of 3 ways to reach the top of the peak. Last October I first summited the peak with my friend Kristin. Ever since then I’ve had my eyes on completing this trail as well. Sleeping Woman Trail drops you at the top of Squaw Peak via a ~2 mile trail, graining just over 2,200 feet in altitude along the way.

The trail is beautiful this time of year, with little threat of a bear sighting (always a plus on the trail). The last 1/2 mile or so in a technical scramble up rocks & boulders to the top.

Once you get there, the views are amazing.

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