Official Junior Blue Goose Ranger

One of my friend’s from high school was flying into Denver, CO to visit one of her friends from college. Seeing as how she had traveled so far, and was so close, there was no way that I could not see her while she was out west. Denver is a 12 hour drive from Missoula so we decided on a destination that would bring us half way, Jackson Hole, WY.

After driving all day Friday I finally met up w/ Karina & her friend Anne at the hotel. We spent Friday night sight seeing the town (it was both Anne & Karina’s first time in Jackson) & making friends w/ some of the locals.
We found that most of the road through Teton National Park was closed on Saturday, but admission was free so we decided to go in as far as we could and just hike around a little bit.
Since Teton Park was closed we decided to stop at a range station in Jackson before heading up to Yellowstone. We were told there that both the parks close the first week in November (we just missed it!) but were asked if we wanted to earn our Junior Blue Goose Ranger Badges. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity so we set off throughout the ranger station to answer the questions on the test. We passed!
Our next mission was to find a moose for Anne. We did her one better, after driving around for about an hour, we found two!
I was sad to say goodbye to Karina & Anne, but all good times must come to an end. Enjoy the rest of your trip Karina, I’ll see you next time I’m back east!

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