The Perfect Tree

Cameron, Christopher & I set out on a journey into the mountains last night. I’d never really been on such an adventure but I was prepared for this one. After paying $5 for our permit, we traveled up into the mountains dressed in our warmest winter gear. After climbing halfway up the mountain in the dark we finally found it… the perfect tree. It was neatly covered in snow and nestled up with plenty of other trees around it. Cameron took a hand saw to it as Christopher & I held flashlights to light his way. Then the most fun part came. We decided to get back down the hill in style, the way a penguin would. So we slid down the hill like penguins with the tree in tow. It didn’t take long to put the tree up and decorate it just right.
Special thanks to Momma for mailing out my Christmas ornaments so that we could decorate our tree. & for the party mix, although the roommates are requesting more Momma!!
This is Schuck & Skyler’s first Christmas & they are still trying to figure out why in the world we brought a tree into the house. Schuck doesn’t seem to mind to much anymore seeing as how he thinks I covered the tree with toys. I’ve caught him twice running around just carrying an ornament in his mouth like he’s so proud to of just figured out how to get it off the tree. heh heh heh.
I hope everyone is having a Happy Holidays and just enjoying this time of year with friends, family, & strangers alike. The pups wanted to make sure they wished everyone a Merry Christmas as well so they posed for a picture too. 🙂

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