Good Karma

This past weekend has been a much needed amazing weekend for me. Friday morning I found out that I had passes my WPA on the first try, a test required to graduate here at U of M, which most students need to retake an average of 3 times. Whohoo!
But my day only got better from there.
I stepped out of my Rocky Mountain Flora lab to take a call I thought was going to be about a house for next year but instead heard myself talking to the National K-9 Training Center located in Columbus, OH. I was shocked to hear from them b/c the last time we had talked they kept insisting there was no space for me in their summer program & that the best they could do was put me on the bottom on the waiting list after I turned in my application (which had a $50 fee attached). After mulling it over for a while I decided to turn in my application but attached my resume too. So when I received this call on Friday it came as a shock when they told me I had been accepted into the summer program of one of the best training schools in the nation. Whohoo!
My mind was reeling all night & after working my shift till 3 a.m. I still couldn’t fall asleep. I now needed a dog to go thru the program with. My girl Queenie is to old for the intense training and the pup I am expecting in June is to young. I remembered an e-mail the breeder whom I was originally going to get my pup from that had a young blue merle rough collie bitch that just wasn’t working out in the show ring for her. I sent her an e-mail first thing Saturday & on Sunday after talking extensively we worked out an amazing deal for this girl. So say “hello” the newest member of my family, Skyler. She’s 9 months old in these photos, 10 months old at the moment, & will be at the perfect age of 1 to go through the intensive training program with me. I’m into my last week of classes. Whohoo!! then a week of finals, packing, then driving x-country for my 4th time in college to visit home for a little while then it’s off to Columbus for another life changing summer. Can’t wait to see everyone back home. *muah*

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