To Be a Griz!!!

This past week has been Homecoming week here at the University of Montana. The football game Saturday was against Weber State and INCREDIBLE to say the least. A couple of my friends & I decided that since this was the first homecoming at U of M for myself, Chris, & Hardy, whom all transfered from DelVal, we needed to REALLY show our pride in our new school. It was in the high 30s to maybe being in the low 40s when the sun sometimes decided to show itself. I finally defrosted and a good time was had by all.
The Griz pulled through and kicked a little Weber state butt to keep our 4-0 record & title as #1 in the nation.The Griz nation has a tradition of skydivers jumping landing in the stadium before every home game. Their goal is to land on the grizzly mascot on the 50 yard line.
Since this was homecoming though, the school went all out and had two jets fly over Washington-Grizzly Stadium near the end of the National Anthem.Then there is Monte Bear. The greatest, most talented mascot I have ever seen in my life. He ALWAYS rides out in style. The first game was a Harley Davidson, but for Homecoming, Monte had to ride out in style. He was driven onto the field in a 2008 Corvette.

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