Montana Memories

Load the car & write the note.
Grab your bag & grab your coat.
Tell the ones that need to know.
We are headed East.

The time has come to once again say my goodbyes to Montana. It’s always such a bittersweet moment when we part, but it’s time to step forward into the next adventure. We’ve yet again had some good times my old friend. I’m already looking forward to my next visit. Xoxo.Montana Memories - 4Montana Memories - 6Montana Memories - 8Montana Memories - 9Montana Memories - 11Montana Memories - 12Montana Memories - 14Montana Memories - 15Montana Memories - 16Montana Memories - 18Montana Memories - 19Montana Memories - 23Montana Memories - 24Montana Memories - 28Montana Memories - 29Montana Memories - 30Montana Memories - 31Processed with VSCO with fs1 presetMontana Memories - 33Montana Memories - 38Montana Memories - 39Montana Memories - 40Montana Memories - 41Montana Memories - 43Montana Memories - 45Montana Memories - 49Montana Memories - 50Montana Memories - 51

Valentine’s Baes

In another two months our bearded dragon Casti’el will be turning two and up until this morning we – along with the council of two different veterinarians – have been under the assumption that Cas was a boy. That all changed this morning when she surprised us with a clutch of nearly 40 infertile eggs. I’d like to point out that a normal sized egg clutch for a beardie is between 16-24. No wonder she’d put on so much ‘weight’ over the last few weeks despite our best effort to keep her active and slim. Thanks for keeping us on our toes little guy… ehm, lady. That’s going to take a little while to get used to.Baes-1Baes-2

Goodbye Alaska

I knew this day would come eventually. It’s been pretty much written into our story since before we even got to Alaska. Eve as the years ticked by here the inevitable goodbyes always seemed so far away.

The day after New Years the movers came and packed up our host. The took most of our belongings to port and shipped them back to the lower 48. Three days ago we packed up the Jeep, hugged our friends goodbye, and set our sights on a place far, far away.

We managed to knock out the trip in less than 72 hours – a feat I would not again recommend – but I also wouldn’t recommend driving in -35 degree temps either.

A few snaps from our last few days in the house and our travels through Canada.
Goo1dbyeAlaska-GoodbyeAlaska-2GoodbyeAlaska-9GoodbyeAlaska-10GoodbyeAlaska-11GoodbyeAlaska-12GoodbyeAlaska-19GoodbyeAlaska-20GoodbyeAlaska-23GoodbyeAlaska-24GoodbyeAlaska-25GoodbyeAlaska-26GoodbyeAlaska-27GoodbyeAlaska-28GoodbyeAlaska-29GoodbyeAlaska-32GoodbyeAlaska-34GoodbyeAlaska-36Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

I’m going to miss you Alaska… but damn it feels good to be home.


Brian grew up with reptiles and has been patiently waiting for the day when he could once again have one (or a plethora of them as I’m told will eventually happen) in his life.

When we bought the Jeep a few months ago, I was sold on it by things like the idea of being able to comfortably sleep in it on long road trips, or how much room Bosco had in the back, or how easily I could clean it after dirtying the inside during one of my adventures. Unbeknownst to me, Brian was sold on the Jeep almost as soon as he saw it had a standard wall outlet [for plugging in a heat lamp when we drive out of Alaska] in the back seat.

So a few weeks ago this tiny real life (bearded) dragon came into our lives. We call him Casti’el (Kæsti’εl). His arrival was unfortunately overshadowed by the passing of Bosco, but I’d like to take the time now to officially introduce the newest member of the Bennett family.

He’s not the fuzzy, furry, snuggly little ball of fluff I next imagined in my life, but he has grown on me exponentially since his arrival. The more I get to know him, the more I see the vibrance and personality on his eyes. IMG_5594