14 Months Old

The last month has definitely centered around spending time with family and friends.

Sadly, it also included Rost’s first trip (of what I’m sure will be many for this little mountain goat) to the ER. After exhibiting a fever of 102.8 and difficulty breathing we took him in one night. After 4 hours of waiting we got the diagnosis of an ear infection. Due to my history of ear infections as a child, which resulted in multiple sets of tubes, I hope this kid has his father’s ear canals.

First Kill

As a true Montanan, Rost has been out in the woods many hours already during his life. Over the last several weeks, much of this time has been spent not just on a leisure hike but as scouting trips for future hunts to fill our freezers.

I’m looking forward to the day he wants to heat out into the wild on out of his own. In the meantime, it’s been fun watching this little guy explore the natural world around him with the assistance of his family. Rost really enjoyed the spoils of Dada’s fishing trips this past summer. By the look on his face it appears he’ll be a hunter in the future as well.

In the meantime, it’s my job to teach him to be respectful of our natural world, thankful for where our food comes from, and to go at it all with a bit of grace and humor.

Bearly There

My prior boss, Bert, and his wife, Marta, gifted me an infant hiking backpack at a baby shower thrown at my office. I’ve been patiently waiting for the right time to begin hiking with Rost. We’ve recently begun practicing around the property to get used to the pack on both of us.

Our first trek out into the world was a short one-and-a-quarter-mile hike around a nearby pond. While short, it was only 20 degrees out, so that added another element of fun into our first adventure out.

Finally, Rost and I took off for a trail within Lone Pine State Park. It was 15 degrees out on that fine Tuesday afternoon. While the hike was overall a success, there were obvious improvements that I need to make on our next hike, regardless of the distance. This one was short enough that I didn’t think we’d need to pack along any sort of snacks. Rost made it very clear that I was wrong. One of my duties as a Momma is to ALWAYS have a fresh and plentiful supply of snacks on hand. Momma will do better next time, Rost.

10 Months Old

Ten months old, oh how you’ve grown
Crawling, standing, you’re not alone
Curious eyes, exploring each day
Discovering the world in your own way

Simple sounds and gestures you make
Communicating, your voice we’ll take
Recognizing faces, voices too
Growing social, just like you do

Healthy foods, routine in place
Sleeping soundly, happy face
Milestones reached, we’ll celebrate
Our little one, so bright and great

Ten months old, oh what a joy
Watching you grow, our hearts employ
With love and pride, we’ll guide your way
Happy ten months old, let’s seize the day!

7 Months Old

7 months have come and gone. We are in the heat of summer now and really trying to enjoy as much time outside as possible. Rost definitely shares my love of nature so we spend as many hours outside as we can each day. He shares his love of fishing with his Dada and we both look forward to the day when he is out there holding his own pole in the water.