Mr. Sechler, my middle school PE teacher was known in our school for often quoting the following:

In fact, when one (not me Mom) found themselves in trouble during his class, you could usually count on having to repeatedly write this phrase over and over while the rest of the class partook in whatever activity we were learning that week (perhaps you should talk to Charlie though). This basic phrase is one of those annoying little life lessons that sticks with you through the years.

I wrecked my car this past week. Thankfully it was only a minor mash-up, but up until this point I’ve had a pretty perfect driving record.
My friend failed a pretty important test last week. She can retake it in a couple of months, but she missed the national cut off by only a few points.
We went out for a sushi dinner last night and afterwards we spent the entire night popping bottles of champagne and celebrating. The DJ took notice of our celebration and, in between sets, asked us what all the champagne was for. When we told him, he laughed ridiculously hard and decided to announce it to the entire place. Nothing like the entire occupancy of the Whale’s Tale to stop what they’re doing and cheer for your losses with you. In that moment, all I could think of was: Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90%…

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