You Shook Me All Night Long

There’s nothing quite like being woken from a deep slumber by the movement of a 7.1 magnitude earthquake (with an epicenter only about 150 miles away) to get your blood pumping! Thankfully all is well in our humble abode. Others nearby cannot say the same. 

2 thoughts on “You Shook Me All Night Long

  1. Donna Kauper says:

    Hi Holly,
    Read of the earthquake in the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal and thought right away of you. Glad to hear you are fine, safe, and with no damage. Thanks for sharing your blog; it is so interesting and makes me feel like I am with you geocaching. We now have snow on the ground; the grandchildren and I went tubing on the hill next to our home yesterday for 3 hours… such a fun time! Temps have gone up again to the 20's and expect snow/sleet tonight, but not much of it; thank goodness. Glad you had a day to recuperate from the shakes before heading off to work today. Take care. Donna


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