Queen(ie) of Hearts

     I lost two puppies due to very different illnesses when I was early in my high school career. Both were unexpected losses and I vowed that I’d never own another dog ever again.

     As my eyes gazed her picture on the website, I knew two things. One, she was the most beautiful dog I had ever seen, and two, she had to be mine. I printed out the photo, convinced my sister to take me by the shelter to meet her. He name was Queenie and she was roughly three years old. At dinner that night I sheepishly showed my dad her picture and pleaded my case. We were sitting in their parking lot a full thirty minutes before they opened the next day b/c he said “there’s no way someone wouldn’t adopt her right away.” (Thanks Dad, still one of the coolest things you’ve ever done).

     We were a perfect match for each other. She was prone to seizures and we decided it best that she stay in Pennsylvania w/ my mom (whom she had become fiercely attached) when I moved to Montana. Earlier today she passed away… She will be greatly missed…

2 thoughts on “Queen(ie) of Hearts

  1. Catherine Barna says:

    Oh Holly. This is so sad. I am sorry for your loss.

    What also struck me, was the date. Dec. 8 is my youngest's birthday. How can one day hold so much? sorrow and joy? It is a strange thing. I am kind of happy to read this a day or so later…love to you.

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