Sleepless in Alaska

The northern lights are one of those amazing phenomenons that exist in the dark nights of Alaska. They alone can almost completely make up for the long, cold dark nights that can sometimes start to feel overwhelming here.
Words cannot begin to describe the feeling of watching them dance across the night sky. Or seeing the millions of stars shining brightly behind them. Or the feeling of electricity in the air. Or the crisp, usually ridiculously cold night air filling your lungs. Or the numbness that slowly starts to creep up in your fingers and toes from standing in one place for too long.
But every day I check the local reports, and my work schedule for the next day to see if it’s worth losing a little, well okay a lot, sleep for the night on the hunt for something so unpredictable. 
Some nights there’s nothing but darkness. The other nights tho… well they make it so worth it.

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