Duck … Duck … Moose!

I’ve had several run in with moose since moving to Anchorage. They existed in Montana as well but up here moose are more equivalent to the deer population in the lower 48. While out meandering through the woods (literally, trails are often overrated, especially in the winter) on my only day off this week, I rounded a tree and almost stepped on this little lady. She was thankfully in good spirits and didn’t seem to mind the intrusion, so after I carefully backed off, I stopped to snap a few photos before continuing on my way. Mind you, my longest lense is a 55-200mm, so Bosco & I are not far away form her at all, but she had such a pleasant demeanor I couldn’t help but take advantage of it, as the local moose are usually less than pleasant to be around.

After posting this particular snap on Instagram, it was picked up by a local but popular account & spread like wildfire (for my audience size), being liked over 2,500 times on both Instagram & Facebook and over 300 shares on Facebook alone. Cool.

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