Stan the Man

Last year, on my move to Anchorage, my beloved Baja broke down in the middle of nowhere, Canada. A stressful situation was made insanely less stressful with the help of a tow truck driver named Stan. I will forever refer to Stan as my Canadian guardian angel.
We have kept in touch over the year and I was elated when he called to tell me he would be making a trip into Anchorage this summer. So we met up for a wonderful steak dinner and afterwards insisted we take a picture together so everyone who’s familiar with my breakdown story can finally put a face to the name.

Thanks again for all your help sir. Not only did you make a crazy situation much less stressful, but I got a new friend out of the ordeal too!

One thought on “Stan the Man

  1. Anonymous says:

    Holly, please see that Stan gets this: Stan, thank you sooooo much for taking care of my baby girl. You are a wonderful person. She is so much like me, always going off on adventures by herself. I am now just starting to realize this at the age of 62! What I put her mother thru over the years, I now regret. Thank you Sir.
    Holly's Dad

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