Moving On

Despite our well laid plans to move off base, the Army always likes to show it’s authority over our lives and ruin the best laid plans. Only after we had turned in out 30 day notice did Brian get word that he was being sent to Fairbanks for two weeks for training. So the mad scramble was on to find a place in Anchorage we both loved and wanted to stay in for our remaining time here. Thankfully, amid all of the craziness of the Iditarod, Bosco getting sick & just the craziness of every day life in general, we were able to not only find a place we agreed on, but that we both fell in love with.

Only then did the real fun begin. Brian packed his bags and set out for his two weeks in Fairbanks while I was left to pack our (entirely too big) 4 bedroom house & move it to our (adorably cute) 2 bedroom. 

Bucket was in love . Everywhere she went there were boxes and bags to sit in!  

Every night, after work I would fill any and every container we owned with our possessions and load our truck to the brim. The next morning, on my way to work, I would stop at the new house first to unload and unpack. I repeated the process until everything I was physically capable of moving on my own was packed, moved, and unpacked. Thanks to the help of some great friends I was able to move our bed over to the new place & spend a few nights in it, cleaning and prepping for Brian to come home to a little semblance of a home after living out of a suitcase for two weeks..
Bucket was unaware that despite all the fun she was having, she was required to get a bath before she was allowed into the new house. Suddenly, moving was not as much fun as she had previously thought. 

Brian came home two days before we were to clear out of the old house. We spent the first day, with the help of MANY AMAZING people, loading a single U-Haul truck with all the large pieces of furniture I was unable to move on our own. The process we thought was going to take all day took less than 3 hours from the time we picked up the U-Haul til the time we dropped it back off. We were able to spend the rest of the day finishing the cleaning.
We’re now completely unpacked in our new home and thoroughly enjoying all aspects of it. Want to know what it looks like now that it’s set up with all our stuff? Well you’re just going to have to come visit to find out! *wink wink nudge nudge* Just give me a little heads up & there will be chocolate covered strawberries waiting for you on your pillow (as long as Bosco doesn’t eat them first).

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