For the Love of Snow Boots

My goal this weekend was a simple one- to find snow. Seeing as how the snowline has slowly been making it’s way down the mountains (but still hasn’t actually made in into Anchorage yet) I knew I shouldn’t have to go far to complete such a task.
There’s a road that goes straight out one of the main gates on base and right up a mountainside to a local ski hill. It was the perfect drive to find snow Saturday evening after an afternoon of shopping to equip ourselves w/ some new winter gear (my snow boots died last season).
As always, about 5 years melted off Bosco as soon as his feet hit the snow and I was staring into the eyes of my little puppy once again. Bosco goes ga ga for snow and although I still dearly miss Missoula, he is truly loving Alaska more than either myself or Brian. I can’t wait for the snow to start falling in town so I only have to go into my back yard to watch my aging dog revert back into the puppy he once was again and again.

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