Bad News Bears

I was having a (really) bad day yesterday & I always say sushi always makes me feel better. So last night Brian took me out for sushi. We were sitting at the bar talking about the days events when the sushi chef started making something special from an orange. Mesmerized, we stopped our conversation and watched him craft an adorable teddy bear from a seemingly plain orange.
He was a little thrown off when I started crying when he presented the simple gesture as a treat for the two of us to make the day a little better. I had to explain that they were happy tears & how much his kind gesture meant.
Tell people you love them often.
Hug & kiss often.
Use kind words often. You never know when such a simple gesture [like a teddy bear orange or taking them to a dinner you don’t really care for but know that they love] could help turn someone’s day around.
Oh, and don’t forget to smile.

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