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Life [in Alaska] is, as the phrase goes, good. Our little family is coming together nicely w/ the addition of Bucket, as is our house w/ the new furniture. While we’re enjoying exploring Alaska as much as time allows, we’re also adjusting and enjoying married life with each other. Sometimes, at the end of the work day we’re both too exhausted to head out to explore. More recently, on these nights we hang around our house and usually find ourselves being entertained by Bosco & Bucket.

The first day we brought Bucket home, both critters were out of their element. Bucket quickly adjusted and is thriving in her new home. She’s definitely a part of our family. It’s only been in the last 48 hours that Bosco has fully accepted Bucket as a member of his family.

He might have been forced into it a little at first.  This afternoon I put Bosco’s collar on and he got excited as he usually does when his collar goes on because it would normally mean we’re about to go somewhere fun, but was quickly disappointed as I tied a lump of string to his collar. A herding dog that follows me everywhere but is still slightly terrified of kitten + string tied to his collar + a kitten = an afternoon of laughs.

Ultimately, I think my hysterical torture plan worked in bringing them closer together because this is how they were snuggled up while we ate dinner.
Yes, I think our little family is coming together nicely.

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