Seattle: Part II

If a friend can fly half way across the world then I can drive to Seattle for a weekend blitz trip. 
So when Bare came home for Christmas & I couldn’t get any time off around the holidays I did what any crazy friend would do and drove down Friday night as soon as I clocked out of work. It’s only 7 hours in good conditions, and thankfully, minus a patch of fog in the middle, the craptastic ski season this year meant all three passes between Missoula and Seattle were clean and clear for late night, blitz trip driving.
Needing to make the most of our time spent together, we got up decently early Saturday morning to pack in as much fun as possible. 
Which started with a tour of the St. Michelle Winery – where I had much to learn about wine making (and tasting!).
The right next door to Red Hook Brewery for a tour (and tasting too!)
Our next stop was on the 73rd story of some massive sky scraper to watch the sun set. This wasn’t planned but our timing was impeccable. 
No trip to Seattle would be complete w/out a bowl of clam chowder from Ivar’s. So we dined there before heading to a park that overlooks the Seattle skyline. Anyone who’s ever traveled w/ me knows that I LOVE city lights – so this stop was a treat for me. Bare was a good sport putting up w/ my Oooing and Ahhing for a good twenty minutes.
Finally we decided to have a night cap and fulfill a dream of mine by dining in the rotating restaurant in the Space Needle. By dine I mean drink a bottle of champagne and consume the best creme brulee I’ve ever tasted. Followed by bed of course. Thankfully Bare was still partially on Loas time & was totally good w/ this idea.

Sunday morning we slept in & then headed to Trapper’s for all you can eat sushi for $16. OMG! (Note: Holly consumed so much sushi she did not eat for over 24 hours following. That’s what I call an epic win in my book) 
My proudest moment came when I did not cry when saying goodbye to Bare this time around, unlike our previous parting. I’ll see you in March friend!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The man needs a Steelers shirt Holly. If the beard was let go, Bare (Bear?) would make a good Brett Keisel! No. 99…

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