Wizards of Parkinsons

He’s always been a Tinman in my life – completely full of heart – but for his next adventure the Scarecrow needed a little bit of Lion in him.

So this journey of living with Parkinson’s came head on in my Dad’s life in the last few days as he underwent brain surgery for Deep Brain Stimulator (DBS) implants. 

I am ever grateful for my Seester being able to be at the hospital for the first part of Dad’s two part procedure. 

Worry quickly turned to relief when I received the message that Dad was safely out of surgery & in recovery. As soon as I was able to, I called him on the phone were I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to hear his voice. In true fashion, when I asked my Dad how he was doing he told me he “had a splitting headache.” Truer words have never been spoken by a man that just had his skull drilled into, electrocuted, and stapled back together.

Here are a few photos documenting his journey…

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