Make the Most of It

Sunlight is becoming a precious commodity & my hours at work are quickly becoming longer. Proof that it’s that time of year to make the most out of the cold, but mostly snowless mountains that surround me.
So after finishing my Saturday shift (I’ve got another string of 6 day work weeks starting) I came home and packed my day pack, despite my bed beckoning me to come back to it. Bosco & I loaded up the Baja & met up w/ my friend Chalah, then headed west. Rain was in the forecast for Missoula, so if we had any hope of wanting to stay semi-dry, we needed to gain a little elevation & pray for snow.
I’m in love w/ Squaw Peak & have summited it every year since first discovering the trail system that leads to it. Not wanting to miss a year we set our signs on this peak & took off through the quiet, multi-colored forest.
Just as we reached the peak the snow was starting to fall (and the wind was picking up steadily as well), so we hung out for a bit, then ventured back down the rocks when our numbing limbs could take no more.
We made it home just in time to enjoy the last few minutes of daylight. Soon I was enjoying a hot showed & headed out for drinks at one of my new favorite places in town – Plonk – for some needed girl time w/ my friend Lydia.
Sunday morning, after not being able to sleep in on my only day off I got up & met up w/ my friend Ash & headed towards Weir hot springs. She’s a native Australian, but taking off to travel the States for a few months & figure out whether she plans on staying State-side of returning home. So we spent several hours submerged in the warm pools of water with the most beautiful views. As always, I ran into friends there as well.
Finally, after sufficiently pruning our skin, we set off for Missoula, said our goodbyes, & parted ways. Safe travels lady! Then I treated myself (& my kindle) on a date night w/ a slice of pizza & bottle of (root)beer.
Perfect fall weekend.

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