Holly Goes Flying

I finally got the text I’ve been waiting years for.
Want to go on a tandem at 5:30?
It didn’t even have to process. I knew immediately what he was talking about, but I was going to be stuck at work til at least 6. When I reiterated that to my friend, he told me they’d “make it work.”
Practically running out of work, I rushed to the soccer fields in the middle of town and hooked up w/ my good friend Brett and several of his paragliding buddies. We all piled into one truck, gear and all, and headed up a forest service road to the top of Mount Sentinel.
Brett’s friend Brendan was in town with his tandem wing and needed someone to go with him. I was more than ecstatic to be his choice. After explaining the finer details of what we were going to do, we strapped in.
Then we sat and watched the wind sock for the right moment to
“Run! Run! Run!”
Before I knew it, only every third step was hitting the grown and instead of running wildly down the side of Mount Sentinel, we were floating about it. Overall the flight lasted 12 minutes, but they were 12 minutes of pure joy and freedom. Our landing on the soccer field couldn’t of been any softer. 

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