Japanese Lanterns

Something I’ve always wanted to do, but never had the know how, was to free Japanese lanterns like they do in the Pingsi Township Lantern Festival in Asia (anyone ever see the end of the movie Tangled???). I’ve always found them to be a stunning display of beauty and peace as they drift high into the night sky.
This past winter I found them on sale on an online store and picked up a few. They’ve been sitting in my closet biding their time for the right night to do them.
Tonight was the night. After exploring Garnett with Lydia, we headed up to meet my friend Ryan at his work house on Seeley Lake. With the help of Ryan & Lydia, we wrote our wishes on the thin paper tissue and released them to the sky.
Although Ryan’s was not quite ready to be let go and floated straight into Seeley Lake.
Lydia & I learned from his mistake and held onto ours a little longer to inflate before letting them go.
Then we just sat back and watched them drift into forever. Maybe not as grand as the Lantern Festival of their home country, but there’s still something magical about laying on a dock watching even a couple of them drift off into the night sky.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    And now Montana forests fires burn out of control. No one knows how they dtarted… Some say they sat a pair of alien spacecraft…

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