Tough Break

Last week, my phone decided it had had a pretty good life & quietly slipped into a coma, never to be woken again. I guess I didn’t think living w/out a phone of any sort in this day and age was adventuresome enough. (Oh, if you’ve been trying to get ahold of me via phone/text, I’m not purposely ignoring you!)

So after a swim practice to work on my breathing I biked home to pick up Bosco & some friends along the way & we rode to the dog park, pups in tow.  After the pups had adequately worn themselves out we took off back down the trail towards home. After just passing the riverbowl my friends dog suddenly veered in front of my bike. I hit poor Pre square in the shoulders & went flying, landing flat on my right palm before crumpling to the ground. Fast forward a few hours to walk home & I’m sitting in the ER next to my roommate being told I cracked my radial head. Awesome.

It’s taken me a significant amount of time to write this w/ only my left hand, but hopefully I’ll of mastered many things by the end of my time in a sling. It’s officially summer Mom, one of the Groff kids was in the ER.

Disclaimer: No dogs were hurt in the making of this blog post.

3 thoughts on “Tough Break

  1. Charlie says:

    Yea…..Summer, and I wasn's the one ringing it in this year, even better.

    This was an educational experience for me as I never knew what a radial head was till now. Apparently it's the most common type of bread in adults ( according to Wikipedia).

  2. Karina says:

    My phone died this week, too. It's an epidemic, I tell you!
    That or fate telling us we just need to see each other ASAP and catch up face-to-face.
    UGH, I hope you get better soon! What's the treatment plan? Rest and rehab?
    At least you have a computer – mine finally died after eight years. *sad face* I look forward to more one-handed blog posts in the mean time! Impressive.

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