I just returned from the most amazing trip from Seattle to see one of the most incredible people I know.

My friend Bare was originally from the Seattle area, but has been living in KL, Malaysia for the past several months. His job, which keeps him frequently on the move, leaves me incredibly jealous of his time spent living in different cities around the world.

It is rare these days that we find ourself in the same part of the world, so when he said he was traveling home for a week in the spring, I knew I had to crash his party, whether he wanted me there or not! (Thankfully he wanted me there. I think.)

Sunday morning I headed over three mountain passes on a 7 hour car ride to the suburbs of Seattle. I was greeted by the unfamiliar but incredibly friendly face of Bare’s mom & whisked off to a girls night w/ some of the other female members of his family.

Bare’s mom & I picked him up at the airport late Monday morning & we quickly commenced operation Tourist Holly in downtown Seattle. We spent the morning catching up as we wandered through Pike’s Place Market, the boardwalk, and the Seattle Aquarium.

We were saddened to learn the horrors of the Boston Marathon bombing when we stopped to sample the (terrible) brews of the Pike Brewery. It made us that much more thankful for our time together as we sipped on pale ales and watched to news casts come pouring in.

When we’d had our fill of beer and bad news, we headed across the sound on a ferry to watch the sun set across the Seattle skyline.

Before the night ended though we shot up the Space Needle for a terrifying look of the city. Give me an airplane to jump out of any day, but put me on the top of a tall building and I struggle to fight off a panic attack despite my joy of all the city lights.

After closing the Space Needle we were headed home for the night as both of us were exhausted. I crashed hard that night and slept better than I had in weeks. The following morning we were up and running. The Woodland Park Zoo was at the top of our list. It was the worst zoo I’ve ever been to, but they did have a few interesting exhibits & it was refreshing to be around one again.

After the zoo we headed back downtown to the EMP.

Bare was so entertained by my horror on our first visit to the top of the Space Needle that he decided to test the theory that it is scarier in the daylight than it is at night. So we entered the elevator one more time and shot back up to the top of the dang thing again. Once again on the verge of a panic attack, I convinced Bare it was a far better idea to sit inside than stand outside on the observation deck for a bit before heading back down to the solid, safe, beautiful ground.

Our next destination was Pyramid Brewery to meet up w/ Bare’s brothers, James & Paul, and their dad before the Mariner’s game. The game was fun, despite the M’s having a horrible team this year (or you know, every year since 1995) & the boys kept me laughing the entire time. Not even Jesus being on the team could help them pull out a win. My main reason for wanting to go to a M’s game was b/c I love Safeco Field & have always wanted to watch a game both inside & out since it has a mobile roof. I figured Seattle’s weather, being as unpredictable as it is, would not disappoint, but alas, it did not rain a drop so I’ll have to return another time and hope for inclemental weather.

The next morning was my last one in Seattle, so after breakfast Bare & I headed to the Seattle Science Center for the morning then watched a riveting IMax movie called The Flight of the Butterfly (I say that in the most sarcastic of tones). I really wanted to use our pass for Jurassic Park 3D but time constraints did not allow for this so instead of watching t-rex devour a goat in 3D, we swatted at swarms of monarch butterflies. Still kind of fun.

After saying our goodbyes and trying not to cry in front of Bare, I pointed the Baja east & headed back home to Missoula. I look forward to our next meeting sir. They never disappoint.

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