I’m looking for any reason to stay in Missoula at this point & am going to attempt a bucket list per se of things I need to do before considering leaving. After a 4 year hiatus I convinced myself it was a good idea to try my hand at skiing the big powder of the Rockies once again. So I borrowed some friends gear, piled into a car w/ some good people & took off towards the Idaho/Montana border.

Despite not being the blue bird day the weatherman said it would be, it was still beautiful on top of the snow covered mountain. I took a few practice runs down an easy trail a few times before trying to keep up w/ my friends. The continued to smoke me the rest of the day, but I was grateful for their patience & support as they pushed my limits. I hope for a few more chanced to get out on the slopes again before spring. *Mom stop reading here* Maybe even try my hand at some back country runs since that is what everyone out here seems to love so much. 

4 thoughts on “Lookout

  1. Holly Rae says:

    So do I. Lets make it a priority next time I'm home during season.

    & no, I do not. They weren't equipped to handle the pow of the Rockies, so I sold them. I've been borrowing wide alpine gear from friends.

  2. Ryan says:

    That looks awesome. I've been reading through your blog and I think it's really interesting. I long to live in a place such as you do. I'm sure you have your reasons why you'd want to leave, but I have to say I'd take that over a big city like Chicago any day. It looks like some great country out there.

    Keep writing!

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