Winter Wonderland

It was a rare beautiful blue sky this winter. I had just dropped my roommate off at the airport & was snuggled up in my bed w/ Bosco dog attempting to fall back to sleep. But staring out at the clear blue sky from my bed proved to much & before I could stop them, my feet were on the floor heading towards the closet. As I was whipping up a quick breakfast deciding where the day would take me, I got an idea stuck in my head. After a quick phone call to a friend who can be counted on agreeing to my [mis]adventures, I was throwing my day pack in the baja & headed towards the east entrance of Glacier National Park.

After a few hours of driving we finally made it to the park & almost hit three moose w/ my car about a mile from the entrance.
The scenery was absolutely stunning. We only had about 2 hours left of sunlight, so after taking plenty of pictures of the first three moose we continued down the Going to the Sun Road.

Then another moose jumped out in front of my car! He was huge. This was about the point I was screaming “Do NOT hit my car you cussing moose!”

Going to the Sun Road is only open & plowed for the first 6 miles. We were able to go as far as Rising Sun campground before the snow plow (or lack thereof) stopped us in our tracks.

So we took off on foot for a bit to watch the sun set behind the mountains.

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