O Christmas Tree

It’s [sadly] been a few years since I’ve had the Christmas spirit to go get a Christmas tree. I’ve never seen the purpose of going through all the trouble living alone the past 2 years. Since Bosco & I are living w/ a roommate this year, we all decided to venture out into the woods this weekend & cut down our very own evergreen.

With a fresh snowfall on the ground we took off towards the Lolo National Forest area in search of the perfect tree. It was a beautiful day so while the main goal was supposed to be finding a tree our priorities were more on playing in the fresh powder w/ the dogs. I have a hard time believing Bosco will be turning FOUR! in March, but he turns back into that 16 week old puppy anytime there’s snow around.
Notice the frozen drool.

As the sun started to set we decided to get serious about our tree search & ended up picking one that we had liked early in our adventure.

We were trying to take a “family” photo. Bosco started playing w/ a stick in the first attempt, & Lima “attacked” the camera in the second attempt. We gave up.

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