Just What I Needed

After heading downtown to celebrate Halloween last night, I woke up this morning w/ a hunger to be in nature. I just finished up week 3 of a 5 week stint working 6 full day work week. Over the half way point! Working so much has been easing some stresses, but causing others. Only 2 more weeks to go.

So I packed up Bosco & we set off down into the Lolo Wilderness. We completed 3 hikes out of the book (only 3 more left!) in the pouring rain. As the rain fell, it washed over my soul. There isn’t another place in the world I would of rather been at that moment. I couldn’t think of anything that could of made my day any better.
Our hikes took us over a small part of the historic trail that once also saw the footsteps of Lewis & Clark.
Before returning to the car on the last trail, I stopped to make my first snowman of the year. He’s less than 3 inches tall, but it still counts!
Driving along a stream on our way home I saw a bald eagle sitting on a rock in the middle of the water. I quickly stopped the car along the side of the road & hopped out. It was sitting not 15 feet below me in the icy waters “chirping.” It only sat for a few more moments before taking off directly over my head. It circled the valley & let out a haunting screech before disappearing into the trees…
Sometimes when life doesn’t seem like it can get any worse, it does. And sometimes, when life doesn’t seem like it can get any better, it proves you wrong again. 

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