It’s Friday night, & while most of my friends are out on the town tonight, I am sitting at home already snuggled up under a mountain of blankets. The ever faithful Bosco is snuggled up close, snoring away. Tonight is what I like to refer to as a Friday night “in” for me since I have to be back at work very early tomorrow morning. I am about to complete my 2nd 6 day work week of 5 in a row.

While working in the medical field has taught me to be grateful for every day I have, it can still be very frustrating and trying at times. And while I am trying my best to focus my attention on some long terms financial goals, my current job has confirmed in me that dogs are my passion in life & I yearn to be working w/ them on a full time basis again.

Missoula just isn’t the place that feels like home to me anymore. Perhaps I will find myself leaving here in the next few weeks/months/years and working w/ dogs again. In the mean time I have been finding small ways to feed my passion for canis lupus to spare my sanity.

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