I’ve been able to experience many amazing adventures thanks to the help of the so many amazing people in my life. So, when one receives a call from a friend in need you should never hesitate to help them out if you’re able to.

I was sitting on my bed, stressing over my bills on this particular weekday night when I received a call from my friend Bret. He & a friend needed a ride to the top of Mt. Sentinel. It seemed like an odd request since a hike to the top of this mountain is not a great feat, but if they needed a ride, I needed no excuse to get away from the unchanging stress that was in front of me. Not twenty minutes later I was picked up by Bret & we headed towards the top of the most famous mountain in Missoula.

After gaining access through the back gate we headed up the steep road that takes you up Patty Canyon & onto the back side of Mt. Sentinel. A short hike later & we were summating Mt. Sentinel. With the beautiful sun setting the boys quickly threw off their packs and got to work.

No more than twenty minutes later we said our goodbyes and they ran off towards the sunset.

I may have some of the coolest friends in the world.

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