Seester’s Surprise

Month’s before my seester’s impeding doom I received an e-mail from her husband, Jose, asking about the chances of my being there for the big day? I pecked back a response that I’d keep it in the back of my head, but that my current financial situation doesn’t have much room for expenses like plane tickets across the country anytime in the near future.

Sometimes life works in funny/amazing/unbelievable ways & you find yourself hiding in a garage in central Ohio wearing a pink sequined hat w/ a feather that says, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY.” 
With the help of many people I was lucky/grateful to be standing in that garage in Ohio to usher in my big seester’s 30th birthday. 
Kristen was met at the door by Jose to inform her that they’re kitchen ceiling had sprung another leak and that she needed to help him w/ it. As she entered the kitchen she was greeted w/ a “SURPRISE!” And a surprise it was. After a few moments Kristen caught on to the fact that I was no longer in Montana, but in her very own house. Through a giant bear hug & a sea of tears, I was finally able to manage a “Happy Birthday” to my seester well after everyone else. 
Cake & presents ensued after & a party got under way. My weekend was a whirlwind of visiting w/ my amazing family, an Ohio State football game, a trip to Pittsburgh to see my best friend in the world, and a family trip to the Columbus Zoo, among other things. 

I know living on opposite ends of the country is never easy, but it makes me appreciate every second I have w/ my family when we’re together. I’m so blessed to have spent this special time w/ my big seester, even though she’s super, mega old now. *wink wink*
I love you seester & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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