The Boys are Back in Town

I had the pleasure of spending a few hours w/ my Dad, Brother, & Uncle (dad’s brother) this past weekend. Living on difference ends of the country unfortunately doesn’t allow for spending much time together, so even just spending a few hours on a Sunday afternoon means the world to me.

Their annual fly fishing trip took them to Bozeman, MT to fish the surrounding area. I was able to talk them into coming into Rock Creek on Sunday (my only day off for the week) so that I could bring them lunch. After spending some time near the river, I was able to convince them to drive back into Missoula w/ me for some dinner at my dad’s favorite restaurant in Missoula, HuHot.
The trip to Missoula wouldn’t be complete w/out a little visit to the Big Dipper for some of my family’s favorite Huckleberry ice cream. Although to be perfectly honest, I’m not entirely sure the visit to Missoula would of happened at all w/out the promise of Big Dipper.

Just as soon as they came, they were packing back into their car to return to the streams that fill their dreams at night. I hugged, and kissed them all goodbye (tears included) then headed to Missoula’s Symphony in the Park.

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