Floating the Clark Fork

Grabbing an inflated inter-tube, some friends, and a few beers on a hot summer day to float the Clark Fork River are about as Missoulian as you can get. A day doesn’t go by in the summer that the river isn’t flooded w/ tubers floating the rivers all around Missoula.

I look forward to summertime for hiking as much as I do for floating. On the days when it’s to hot to be out on a trail into the late hours of the afternoon a dip in the river is the next best thing. Anyone that knows me knows that Bosco is rarely never by my side. Floating the rivers for a few hours on end is no exception to this.

On my latest trip down the river I ran into my friend Ryan on a paddle board. Bosco was more than happy to try his hand at this as well. Perhaps this is my next sport?

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