So Goes 2011…

     I don’t do so well with goodbyes. I like to make them as short and sweet as possible. But how do you say goodbye to an entire year? How do you sum up such an ending? An entire day of adventures of course!
     After a long week of work, I woke up early to meet two co-workers, Shawn & David, for my first lesson in racquetball. Even though Shawn schooled me again and again on the court this is one sport that I will def be going back to play more of. The best part? You can scream all the obscenities in the world as your running around like a maniac trying to hit or avoid being hit
     I “forced” my friend Shane to eat Unagi (broiled eel) earlier this week so my payback was eating bugs at an Entomophagy lecture during one of the many activities for First Night Missoula.
     Next we were off to a laser lights & science show put on in one of the underground lecture halls at U of M. The show was put on solely using 4 green pen laser lights and mirrors glued to cloth on embroidery hoops then mounted on speakers. As the speakers play music they vibrate the mirrors and produce a laser show synced with the music. Near the end of this, they passed out glasses that refracted light to add to the dizzying effects of the light show.
     Word had gotten out to Shane that I have never, in all my 25 years of life, consumed a McDonald’s Big Mac. This was “un-American” in his eyes. A wrong that needed to be righted. So before our next set of adventures, we took off to McDonald’s, which was very much an adventure unto itself.

     The mall was putting on fencing lessons, but before was a taekwando demonstration. They overran their time limit, making us unable to do the fencing lessons, but this group was still pretty comical and fun to watch.

     Twelve foot horns from the Alps (someone will have to help me w/ the name on this one) & a bag-piping group rounded out the afternoon.

      After a quick shower and some primping, I was whisked off to dinner reservations.

      The rest of the night is a blur of champagne, dancing, good food, & great conversation. 2011 started w/ a bang in New York City, took me through some awesome places, brought some amazing people into my life as some sadly left it, but in the end, I wouldn’t change a second of it.

 See you in 2012…

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