Weir Creek Hot Springs

 If there’s one thing I never want to be, it’s ungrateful. I hope that I am continually grateful for the life that I live and the amazing places & people that constantly fill it.

After a long, hard week at work, on of my co-workers, Becky, & I decided we wanted to go on a little adventure together this weekend. Something fun. Something we had never done before. Both being outdoorsy people, we chose to locate & hike to a hot spring in the panhandle of Idaho neither of us had ever visited before.

We awoke early this morning & drove 2 hours on the snow covered roads to a pullout on mile marker 143 on Hwy 12. A small pullout and an ambiguous trail awaited us. The trail winds along Weir Creek and takes you through a beautiful cedar forest before opening to a small clearing. A 30 ft scramble up a slick hillside leaves you standing beside the most beautiful hot spring pool my eyes have ever seen. This deep pool overlooks the clearing you were just standing in, and when everything is covered in a foot of snow, a sense of peace washed over me like I haven’t felt in a long time. Like everything was right in the world, at least in my world, if only for those few hours… *smiles*

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