…and just like that, we’re separated the majority of a country again. My best friend of almost 23 years flew out just for the weekend & just in time for both of our souls. When times get rough, I’m thankful that I have friends like her to help me pick up my pieces.

Karina & I get the opportunity to see each other maybe twice a year when we find ourselves on the same side of the country. This trip was a blitz one on her end for the weekend, but it had perfect timing in both our lives & I’m not sure we could of packed in more fun in one weekend.

After a day of eating and an all day girls trip to the mall, we relaxed in my hot tub before getting all girlie on my bathroom & heading downtown for some sushi. My favorite local band, Wartime Blues, was releasing their latest cd as well as playing their last show. It was bittersweet.

We woke early the next morning to enjoy a little hiking in the Missions, but alas, the sucky weather provided no beautiful views, so we drove around the National Bison Range for a bit before heading back home to throw on some suits and hike out the to hot springs.

I haven’t been to the hot springs in the daylight since I was ten. It was a beautiful hike to the pools, where we watched the sun set, then trekked the 1.5 miles back in the car in the darkness. I’m typically afraid of being in the woods at night, even with other people around me, but this trek was calming. Peaceful.

All the while on this trip we were eating the best foods Missoula has to offer; Taco del Sol, Sushi Hana, Hob Nob, HuHot, and even finding a few little gems outside of Missoula, like the Red Light Cafe in Wallace, ID.
Thanks for coming out to visit me Karina! I can’t wait to see you next! xoxo

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