I Should Have Listened to My Mother

     It’s okay Mom, you can start to breathe again. I know your mind is already racing through the millions of times I should of taken your advice, trying to figure out which specific time I am talking about. Let me narrow it down for you.

      My stubbornness finally caught up w/ me. After years of fighting stubbornly my asthma with a “I can do this on my own” attitude, I finally landed myself in the ER after a race this weekend. After my worst time ever in a race, I marched myself into the ER & proudly declared I needed a nebulizer treatment. I was quickly taken into a triage room

     Tonight, as I frequently enjoy doing, I put on my running shoes & set out into the cool, dark night for a run. But tonight was different. Before I stepped out the door I took a quick puff of my inhaler then sprinted out the door w/ Bosco at my heels. For the first run of my life, my body gave out before my lungs even had a chance to feel the burn. As the ache crept into my muscles a smile crept across my face. If I had only listened to my mother I would of known this feeling of inhaling a deep breath years ago.

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