Glacier Bachelorette Party

     What’s the best way to celebrate one of your closest friends engagements? Why go hiking of course! And not just hiking anywhere that you would go on a normal day, but one of the most beautiful places this country has to offer, Glacier National Park.

      So that’s precisely what my friends & I did. So after work on Friday night, with the car fully packed, I traveled up to Glacier National Park for the first time since I was 10. At around one in the morning I was pulling into our campsite when I got a flat tire (Bryce & I switched cars for the weekend). So bright & early the next morning I had to change my first flat tire before we headed out on our hike.

     After the victory of changing my first tire we headed out to Many Glacier to hike a 9 mile trail to Iceberg Lake.

     The trail was beautiful & the hike itself was definitely an adventure. Although we never saw a bear during this hike, two parties in front of us on the trail, a man was charged by a grizzly. Bear mace upholstered, we continued on toward our destination, soaking in the beautiful scenery along the way (and even stopping to have a snowball fight along the way too!)

     When we finally reached our destination, I was a little taken aback by the serenity that seemed to engulf Iceberg Lake. It had a peacefulness about it that made me wish I had packed in a yoga mat to truly appreciate the spirit of the place I was in.

     Trying to make the most out of what daylight hours we had left, we took off for Logan Pass in hopes of seeing some mountain goats & to check out the visitors center as well. As it seems our luck had not yet run out & like always the bighorn sheep & mountains goats were out in full force on Logan Pass. It seems they are quite comfortable among the busy parking lot & herds of people standing by snapping millions of photos of them. We were not to be excluded from these numbers.

     After the sun had set we headed back to our campsite for some bachelorette party festivities.

     Sunday morning we arose early to go horseback riding back up in Many Glacier. Unfortinately, cameras were not allowed to be out during the actual trail ride itself. We were allowed to take photos at the stables & middle break point in our ride.

     After the trail ride it was time to head back over the Going to the Sun Road. As my friend Noelle & I drove out of our campsite we crossed a moose traveling over our path.

     The road home was [almost] just as beautiful as the entire weekend.

     Thanks for the trip ladies.  It was a memorable one for sure.

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