Canoeing Lake Como


Since our adventure for the weekend went a little awry, Bryce & I decided to take his canoe out for it’s maiden voyage of the summer on Sunday. He’s been dying to show me a little camp site that can be reached by canoeing across Lake Como. So we woke early Sunday morning & headed for the lake.
Due to the extreme flood waters we had a little trouble finding the spot since Bryce couldn’t find the beach he’s used to seeing in front of it. But we eventually found it & were able to row almost right up to the campfire ring.
     We spent the afternoon cooking campfire food, reading, drawing, taking photos & playing fetch w/ Bosco.

     Oh yea! It was also Bosco’s first time riding in a canoe & he did amazing!

5 thoughts on “Canoeing Lake Como

  1. Anonymous says:

    Where is the other Stupidog?
    I don't know about them flood waters…
    Bryce has a canoe? Any trout in that lake?

  2. Holly Rae says:

    I changed it for you Daddio!

    Yes, Bryce has a canoe, but I have no idea if there are trout in that lake. There was a dead fish floating on the water that I poked w/ my oar. It wasn't a trout.

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