Bike Carriage

So, I’ve been scouring yard sales & craigslist for the past few weeks in search of a carriage for my bike. In an effort to save money so I can get caught up on my bills a little quick from being unemployed for so long I have tried to park my car for the summer. Using alternate transportation (running/walking/biking) has saved me mucho dinero at the pumps already this summer. But there were still many things I couldn’t do on my bike like go grocery shopping, do my recycling, or go anywhere w/ Skyler (for those of you that know Skyler you already understand why this is). I finally found the perfect carriage for an incredible price & jumped on the chance to get it. In one month it’s already paid for itself in the amount of gas I’ve saved by not having to use my car.

Yes, I’m one of those people. I incessantly dote upon my dogs. & even while I realize that they are only dogs, they are still my “kids” for the time being. So I though I’d share some funny pictures (mostly for my Mom & Dad) of how my new purchase is coming in handy.

5 thoughts on “Bike Carriage

  1. Anonymous says:

    How long does it tahe Stupidog to get in that thing? And what do you do with the other Stupidog?
    Can I fit in that thing? Charlie could petal my butt up Rock Creek in August. Then make a second trip for the gear…while I fish.

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