Crazy Canyon Trail to Mt. Sentinel

I’ve been taking my friend’s dog, Miss Ulla (get it?), out hiking/biking/running w/ me a few times a week. You’ve seen Ulla before in my hiking photo’s w/ Kristin (she is her fiance’s Ty’s dog). Since she is a cattle dog & cattle dogs are known for their limitless amounts of energy, & since she is also Bosco’s best friend in the entire world, she’s been coming along w/ Bosco & I on our many [free] outdoor adventures that have been keeping me sane in the search for a job.

So today we took off for a little hike/run up the back side of Mt. Sentinel. This hike is a pretty awesome one that gains about 800 ft in a 3 1/2 mile trek through the Crazy Canyon. I was really enjoying the scenery of the forest for the first mile or so until we hit the snow line.

Almost as soon as we did we encountered white out conditions which the dogs loved, but me, not so much. It averaged about 2-3 inches on the ground at most times from this point on w/ white out conditions adding more to this measurement. There is supposed to me a mountain in view behind those trees!

The 7 miles was a breeze of a run. Despite it being nearly May, Montana never seems to stop surprising me.

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