Go Fly A Kite

     Springs in Montana are like springs anywhere else, just a little colder. The temperature’s have been hanging in the 40’s all week & the winds have been blowing. Bryce & I have been talking about flying kite’s for a few weeks now so yesterday we packed up a little picnic & headed out into the wind.

We trekked down to a park that connects to the practice fields of a local high school. It has plenty of open space to fly a couple kite’s at a decent height. Except there wasn’t much wind. Not down in the valley anyways.

After our first failed attempt at flying kite’s at a park only a few blocks away from my condo we trekked back to my house, grabbed the car, & proceeded to the base of Mt. Jumbo. The only flat spot (besides the top) of Jumbo resides just a short hike up the side & is open all year (a huge portion of Jumbo is closed during the winter to proved safe elk habitat). It’s almost always windy up on Jumbo & that wind didn’t fail us this time either. Well, it kind of did. There was enough wind to put up my simple sea turtle kite but not enough to put up Bryce’s more technical dragon kite. Perhaps next time we’ll have a little windier kind of day.

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