Run for the Luck of It

Not having run a race since Karina & I ran the Muddy Foot Trail Run in Ohio together back in November, I decided it was time to jump into one just to see where I was with my training (I have full intentions of running in & am registered for the Missoula Marathon on July 11th). So I talked my friend Bryce into doing his first race & we registered together for the RWM Run for the Luck of It.

Bryce of course killed it (he finished ahead of my by a few minutes so I don’t know his time) & I finished w/ a 31:04 time. Running is probably one of the first things that I don’t do competitively. I do it for myself b/c I feel amazing after a run, no matter the distance or time. I’ve been keeping a 10 min mile pace for the past few weeks now & am really happy w/ this time.

Since I’m still currently job hunting I won’t be doing any more races until after I’ve secured a job. I will try & keep everyone updated w/ my marathon training tho.

UPDATE 3/15/11: Bryce finished overall male #84 w/ an official time of 26:58! I completed overall female #158 w/ an official time of 31:04. There were over 500 people registered for this race. You can also CLICK HERE to watch a video of the race by my friend Brooke (who also just happened to be the #1 female finisher!). I’m in the video about to cross the finish line @ one point too!

2 thoughts on “Run for the Luck of It

  1. Anonymous says:

    So this is a boy? Wih his ARM around you? What are his motves?Where is my gun… lol
    Mayb I'll run one with you in August! LOL

  2. Karina says:

    Thank you for the gratuitous plug to my blog! 🙂
    Great job at the race, B! That is why I run, too – for the feeling I get when I cross the finish line. I like to keep track of my times, but the next time we run together I will stay with you all the way (which means I need to save money for a plane ticket and sign up for a late summer race with you)! 😉

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