Snow Shoeing Holland Falls

     In desperate need of spending some time in the wilderness of Montana, my friend Bryce & I set off to do some snow shoeing in the Swan Valley just north of Seeley. Bryce had never been shoeing or seen the beauty of the Holland Falls so we wanted to accomplish both in one day.

     The weather was overcast as a storm was rolling in, but the hike was peaceful and the falls were beautiful as always. I’d never seen them in the cold of winter so this was a new experience for me as well. I believe them to be even more beautiful in the winter.

A bonus to this three mile hike is that the Holland Lake is frozen over this time of year and can be crossed as opposed to taking the trail back for the return trip offering panoramic views of the Mission Mountains (sadly for us, the storm that was quickly dropping in on us on the return hike doused any views of the scenic Missions). 

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